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Low Emission Oil
Complete toolbox for your Engine
Permanently reduces exhaust smoke emissions and improves engine efficiency
Q: What is NoSmokeOil?

A: Is Premium Grade Engine Oil that used correctly will stop your Car from Smoking and reduce your emissions. It’s a Permanent solution and IS NOT AN Additive.

Q: What does NoSmokeOil do to my engine?

A: Will keep engine components clean and deposit free, as well as protecting against wear, rust and corrosion. The specially designed and unique ‘ACEWERX’ advanced additive system also protects against and ensures that no gums, lacquers or carbon deposits build up inside the engine.

Q: Will NoSmokeOil help Improve my Oil Pressure?

A: This oil is also not subject to the same degree of thinning at high temperatures as with conventional engine oils which makes it ideal for worn engines that have reduced oil pressure.

Q: Will This Oil Stop my Diesel Car from Producing Black Smoke?

A: NoSmokeOil will not resolve over fuelling problems with Diesel Cars.

Q: Will NoSmokeOil reduce the vehicle emissions?

A: YES – will reduce your emissions for your annual inspection while helping the environment.

Q: Can I use any Flushing Oil before I use NoSmokeOil?

A: Yes you can use any good Flushing Oil

Q: Do I really need to flush the engine and use 2 Oil Filters?

A: YES – NoSmokeOil to be 100% effective you must follow the instructions exactly

Q: At What Temperature does NoSmokeOil Freeze?

A: NoSmokeOil starts to Freeze at around -31 Degrees Celsius or -24 Fahrenheit

Q: Does NoSmokeOil reduce Oil burning?

A: If the smoke is being produced due to a worn part then yes it will reduce oil consumption as it fixes the problem. If the smoke is being produced due to a part failure then no it won’t reduce consumption but will stop it smoking

Q: Can I safely store NoSmokeOil is it hazardous?

A: NoSmokeOil is Biodegradable and is not Hazardous in any way. It can safely be transported via the Air.

Q: How does NoSmokeOil affect my Turbo Charger?

A: NSO has the ability to perform superbly in this instance; it resists oxidation and prevents formation of gums and lacquers normally associated with high speed spindle use at elevated temperatures as in turbochargers.

Q: Will NoSmokeOil stop my Oil Leak?

A: In some circumstances it can but is not Guaranteed.

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